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ARAMASA PAST MASTERS REMIX vol.1|Drawing for Purchase

ARAMASA PAST MASTERS REMIX vol.1|Drawing for Purchase

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The most rare ARAMASA in 2020, the limited project to reproduce the masterpiece in the past and unreleased labels



It's a reproduction of Yamayu released in the 2011-2012 season. When it's released, the skill to produce the low-alcohol Genshu was not established, so the reproduced version keeps the alcohol content 15.8% with Genshu.
The other difference is the style of Shubo. The original version is white koji, but this version is Kimoto style.
It's dry and fruity like the premium white peach.

Rice:Kairyo Shinkoh 50%



The original label was planned to be released in 2012; however, they mistakingly mixed it with other Sake, so they regretfully canceled to release this label.
It's a very unique, less polished Kijoushu. The polish rate is 90%, meaning only polished 10%. The color of Sake is shiny yellow, and the texture is thick and condensed.
The aroma is rich and mild, like chocolate and banana. It's a bomb of sweetness and Umami. Sourness and slight astringency influenced by the wooden barrel and Kimoto method makes the elegant balance.
Please enjoy it chilled to warm and suitable for aging too.

Rice:Sake Komachi 90%



SIZE:720ml *2


【Application period】

00:00 1 Nov  ~ 23:59 15 Nov 2020

【Note 】
●This is a drawing ticket, not $0 to purchase this sake
●Purchasing this item is equal to getting the drawing ticket
●When you check out this item, you don’t need to specify the delivery date
●Because the quantity is tiny, the number of bottles we can offer is quite limited.

●It's possible to purchase several times, but we will take only the first time purchase, the latter ones will be ignored.
●Higher plan subscribers will have more chance to win this drawing. Let's take a look at the system;

Weight system
Junmai plan:1、Junmaiginjo plan:2、Junmaidaiginjo plan:3
*If you are J+JD plan user, your application will be considered 4 tickets for drawling.

【Announcement 】
We will email to winners around 16 Nov 2020. Please complete the payment by following the guidance written in the email.
*If we can't get replies in 3 days, the right will be automatically abundant, and it will be re-drawn.

AREA Akita
BREWERY Aramasa Shuzo
ABV 15.8%
RICE Kairyokoshin, Sakekomachi
POLISH RATE 50%, 90%
GRADE Junmai Ginjo
SPECIALITY Kijoshu , Self-cultivated yeast , Genshu , Wooden barrel , Kimoto
BODY Medium
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