Updates by the renewal

Updates by the renewal

We're thrilled to announce the renewal of the SAKEMARU website, making the experience of enjoying seasonal limited Sake even more convenient. As part of this renewal, there are several system changes that we want you to be aware of.

Previously, payments were processed via our Hong Kong headquarters, leading to varying international transaction fees. In response to this, we have transitioned to a domestic payment system in Singapore, eliminating these additional fees. However, this change will introduce a Goods and Services Tax (GST). To counteract this, we've lowered the prices for our Junmai Daiginjo plan and plans that include two or more bottles. Meanwhile, due to inflation in Japan, our Junmai and Junmai Ginjo plans will remain at their current prices.

Additionally, we have also revised the pricing on our online shop, offering you more affordable products.

In celebration of our renewal, we have special promotions for those who activate their plan on the new site by June 24. Please check the detail of promotion from this link. We greatly appreciate your understanding and continued support, and we look forward to enhancing your Sake experience with our improved site and new pricing structures!


  1. Subscription plan prices have been revised. Prices for plans with two or more bottles have been lowered, making it easier and more affordable to enjoy a variety of Sake. Please refer to the following table for more information.

  2. Previously, payment was made from the HK headquarters, and a portion of the overseas payment processing fee was charged. However, from now on, the overseas payment processing fee will be waived for all customers.

  3. GST will be charged separately.

  4. A skip function has been added, allowing you to skip deliveries during inconvenient months online.

  5. You can cancel the subscription online.



  1. When purchasing online, a delivery fee will be charged for single bottle purchases, but purchases of two or more bottles will be eligible for free shipping.
    *Regarding subscription plans, shipping costs will continue to be included.

  2. Product prices in the online shop have been revised to be more affordable overall, making it easier for customers to purchase Sake.