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Only seasonally limited Sake from the artisan breweries all around Japan.

Let’s discover limited Sake you’ve never seen every monthth at $55~.

Surprise every month


All SAKEMARU’s Sake is produced by the small and artisan breweries which never introduced to Singapore even other countries. we travel around Japan and attends events, then taste sake and talk with brewers sincerely.

We believe good artisan brewery has own philosophy and high commitment to brewing. What we deliver to you isn’t only beautiful Sake but also the sprit of brewers and vibes of nature.


Be a Sake Savvy


Sake is the next big thing. But, you might think that Sake is a complicated drink. SAKEMARU is not just about delivering fresh Sake to your door-steps, we also want to be your personal guide to the world of Sake. You can learn about the region, rice, water, process, and how-to enjoy Sake with SAKEMARU.

Together with the monthly delivery of sake, we also include a lot of materials(including special sake drinking glass) to guide you along, on your sake journey with us.


Make You a Hero


As same as other alcohol drinks, Sake also has some premium Sake like Juyondai 十四代, Isojiman 磯自慢, Hiroki 飛露喜, and so forth. These Sake sometimes are sold around $1,000 in the market; however, SAKEMARU members have a lot of chance to purchase it at a non-premium price.


Subscription for July 2024

Subscribe by 15 July, Delivery on 25 July 2024

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Elevate the standard of Sake to that of wine. We only select Sake from those artisan breweries. By offering those artisan Sake with its story and brewer’s passion, we aim to empower breweries and market itself.

  • What's in the box
  • 1-3 bottles of artisan Sake, depending on the plan
  • Info Sheet, for enjoying & learning about Sake
  • SAKE BOOK, a perfect guide to Sake basics
  • Sake glass at 7th month
  • SAKEMARU original edition Sake at 12th month
  • Subscriber's benefits
  • Always 10% off dine-in at SAKEMARU ARTISAN SAKE HIDEOUT
  • Subscribers can purchase in the online shop at a special discounted price


  • If by any chance the Sake is not your taste, you can stop the subscription any time.(Not available for 6-months, 1-year package)
  • You will lose the right to receive the original Sake if you cancel before 12 months pass.
  • You can specify the delivery date before 15th each month.
  • Monthly plan customers can skip the delivery.
  • The default delivery date is 25th each month, but if 25th is weekend or holidays, it shifts to next working day.