Frequently Asked Questions


SAKEMARU only deliver seasonally limited sake. Their sake is normally neither filtered nor pasteurized very special edition so that they rarely appear on the market even in Japan.

After the last dripping step, normally sake will go through the following process, filtering, pasteurizing and diluting.
These are the important process to prevent sake away from the taste degradation, however, this process is easy to kick the special feature of each sake away.
Normally, seasonally limited sake skip those process, so that we can enjoy more natural and real taste and aroma of sake.

Our sake is alive, so please put it in the refrigerator right after receiving sake. 0-5 degrees is the best temperature for unpasteurized “nama” sake.

Our sake is unpasteurized sake so 0-5 degrees is the best temperature. It’s OK to keep it in the wine chiller but the taste is gradually changing because the yeast is still alive.

If you’d like to enjoy the original taste, it’s better to finish in 1 week. Of cause, sake has to be stored in the fridge. But, it’s also fun to enjoy the transition of taste effected by the oxidization. The taste is changing but oxidization sometimes makes the taste of sake better.


25th is regular billing day for every month. Only the first payment is made when you subscribe SAKEMARU.

Usually, sake is delivered on 25th every month.
In case you subscribe from 15th to end of the month, First sake is delivered on 25th next month.
If 25th is Sunday or public holiday, the delivery date will be changed. Customers are able to specify the delivery date.
*Login → My page → Subscription → Select an order → Change the delivery date

Yes, it’s possible. If the default delivery date is not inconvenient for you, you can specify the date and time. But, we don’t have a delivery service on Sunday and public holidays.
Following time slots are available to specify.
8am – 12pm
12pm – 5pm
5pm – 8pm(Not available in Saturday)
*Login → My page → Subscription → Select an order → Change the delivery date

People who select the monthly payment can change the plan anytime. If you change the plan before 25th, your plan will be changed from next month. In case of changing after 25th, the change will be effective from 2 months later.
People who select the payment cycle of 6 months and 1 year can’t change plan in the middle. It’s possible to request but the change will be effective after the current cycle finishes.

Please contact us from this contact form. We will manually change the delivery date on our side.

Please send your cancellation request from the contact form. Please don’t forget to write your full name and email address and phone number. If you send us a cancel request by 24th every month, your subscription will stop delivering sake from next month.


Sorry, the bank-transferring is not available now.

Sorry, the cash on delivery is not available.

VISA, MASTERCARD and American Express is available.

SAKEMARU is operated in Singapore, however, we are using transaction system in HK because our head quarter is located in HK. That is why some percentage of the fee is charged in depending on your credit card issuer.

The email is automatically sent to the subscribers, if the regular payment is failed. Please check your personal page and change the credit card if it’s necessary.
The deduction will be automatically executed after confirming the validity of credit card.

In your personal page, you can set several credit cards. If you’d like to use new credit card, please input the information of new credit card and make it as default credit card.
*Login → My page → Payment


Please contact to YAMATO TRANSPORT with the delivery absence notice.

WEB:Request for TA-Q-BIN Re-delivery

We are trying to deliver sake each time, even though you are absent. However, if we can’t deliver your sake more than 1 months, it is automatically canceled and unable to be resent and refunded. Due to the nature of this product, we will not be able to accept resending sake.

Please contact us from this contact form.

Please contact to TA-B-BIN with the delivery absence notice.
If you can’t reach out to their operators, please contact us from this contact form. We will directly contact to TA-Q-BIN and solve the issue.

Please contact us from this contact form. We will directly contact to TA-Q-BIN and solve the issue.

We use TA-Q-BIN operated by YAMATO TRANSPORT.
WEB:Request for TA-Q-BIN Re-delivery

Snow-Aging Sake

At the end of every month, sake is stored in the snow dorm. In 2nd year, you also have the right to store and receive snow-aging sake.

Snow aging sake matured for more than 1 year can be taken out anytime you want. Please go to your personal page and display your list of snow aging sake. Check box of “Take out” is displayed for the sake matured for 10 months.
Please, select sake you’d like to take out. Your snow aging sake is delivered to your home in accordance with following the schedule.
・Order during 16 Nov – 15 Jan
→ Delivery on 25 Feb
・Order during 16 Jan – 15 Mar
→ Delivery on 25 Apr
・Order during 16 Mar – 15 May
→ Delivery on 25 Jun
・Order during 16 May – 15 Jul
→ Delivery on 25 Aug
・Order during 16 Jul – 15 Sep
→ Delivery on 25 Oct
・Order during 16 Sep – 15 Nov
→ Delivery on 25 Dec

The taste of sake tends to be richer and milder. The mechanism is scientifically figured out gradually, for example, matured sake in the snow dorm reduced the aldehyde which gives the negative effect to the aroma more than general ones.

You can mature your sake as long as you like, unless canceling the membership. The taste of sake nouveau transforms dramatically even after 1 year.
Nobody can’t expect how the taste of sake grows after 2, 3 years. Please enjoy your own aging sake.

If you would like to see the snow dorm, please send your request from the contact form.

We can’t deliver the sake stored less than one year so that you will lose the chance to receive matured sake.

Only sake stored for a year is able to be taken out.

Invite Friends

Please click the link in the invitation and click “Subscribe” button. You will enter in the subscription steps. Please choose the plan and proceed the steps. In the last step, discounted price will be displayed. You can use credits for all plan.

As soon as your friends subscribe, credits will be added to your account.
To use your credit, please go to your personal page and click the invite link. You can find the button to use the credit. Please click the button, credits are applied to your latest payment automatically.
*Login → My page → Invite → Click the “USE CREDIT” button

After you click the “USE CREDIT” button, your latest billing will be automatically deducted.

Cancel & Return

SAKEMARU and our partner breweries must maintain the clean and safe production process of sake and the shipment so that we can guarantee the quality of sake.
Basically, the change of sake and refund is not acceptable. However, if you find any failure, please contact us within 5 days after receiving sake.
Due to the nature of this product, we will not be able to accept any exchanges or returns because of the customers’ personal preferences.