Establish 1867


In the town of Yuki in Ibaraki Prefecture, we have overcome various hardships over 170 years. We are a sake brewery that has turned challenges into opportunities and pursued the creation of delicious Sake.


We are committed to making satisfactory sake using carefully selected ingredients and traditional methods. We aim to be a sake brewing company that, while preserving tradition, continues to innovate and exist alongside our customers.


Japan Sake Appraisal Gold Medal 2019

Wine Glass Sake Award 2018

Sake Competition Silver Medal 2018


We mainly use locally grown rice to brew sake that can only be produced in this region.


At Buyu, we draw subterranean water from a well within our brewery grounds, part of the Kinugawa River system. This water originates from the snowmelt in the mountains of Kawaji Onsen in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture. It seeps slowly into the ground, travels underground to Yuki in Ibaraki Prefecture, and surfaces from about 150 meters deep. It is said that the snowmelt takes about 30 years to percolate through the mountains before being drawn up from the well.

From Tochigi to Ibaraki, this underground water, filtered over a long period amidst rich natural surroundings, is further purified through our own precise filtration system to ensure safety and quality. The soft water, which brings out the characteristics of rice in our sake, is a fundamental support for Buyu's sake brewing.


Buyu is dedicated to 'three-season brewing' to create quality Sake. The most common method, 'single-season brewing,' also known as cold brewing, only occurs during the severe cold period of January to February. By extending the brewing period, we can carefully manage each batch and achieve satisfactory fermentation control, which is why we are committed to three-season brewing.


In a town represented by traditional cultures like Yuki Tsumugi and the brewery streetscapes, a new generation is emerging that blends old and new to create wonderful things. We at Buyu also believe in conveying the charm of Yuki to the world and in energizing Yuki even further.