Establishment 1866

Located close by north east part of Kuzuryu river which is the simbol of Fukui prefecture. The beautiful water is the basement of this brewery. We try to produce the best sake pair with food, so that its texture is smooth, attack is clear. The specialty of current brew master is brending. With brending sake produced with different brewery rice, try to make the ideal taste happen.


Keen to produce safe and fresh sake. 2 of them have contrary natures. If you pursue its safety, you need to add lots of human hands and lose the freshness. It’s very difficult chanllenge, however we won’t compromize, since both of them are necessary to realize our ideal sake.


・Annual Japan Sake Awards 12 times


Mainly use 8 kinds of brewery rice, most of them are grown up by local experienced farmers. We use not only normal brewery rice but also aincient rice and rice for eat. We change the detail of brewing to bring each rice's feature out.


Use only the underground water of Kuzuryu river at 150m underground. The water comes from Haku Mauntain which is one of the highest mounstain in this area and designated as natinal park due to its abundant nature. The nature of water is little hard.


Grow the yeast by our own and create 100% original taste which other breweries can't recreate with using purchaisable yeast. Moverover, we brew with small barrells to control the quality. It's tough to produce large quantity, but it worth.


We believe the combination of good brewery rice and beautiful water can produce millions patern of delicious sake.