Establishment 1899

Established in 1899. It used to be named Inaumasamune”稲生正宗”. In early 20’s, we have changed the name of brewery to Hatomasamune “鳩政宗”, since a white pigeon”鳩” started to settle in the family altar and business had turned better after this. This white pigeon is considered as their god.


We are always seeking the further potential of sake by trying new yeast, brewery rice and methods. Aomori has lots of new and high-quality ingredients potentially innovate sake. Contributing to the spread of sake industry is our mission. In the same time, we have to preserve the inherited brewing style and knowledge. Mixture between new and tradition is Hatomasamune style.


・Gold Medal of National New Sake Competition 12 times



Towada lake is one of the most transparent lake in Japan. Most of people living here have benefits from Oirase river originated from this beautiful lake. Its underground water flows into the well in the brewery and we use it for brewing.


Its brewery master was appointed as an excellent craftsman by Aomori prefecture in 2014. By injecting technology and latest trend into the inherited traditional skill, we are trying to produce hi-standard new sake.