Establish 1820


We locate in the east share of Biwa lake, where the great Ohmi rice is produced every year. Also, this place is famous for the soft underground water from Suzuka mountains. The brand name of Kirakucho was named to wish all the Sake lovers have a happy and long life.


“Excellent Sake is just like a crystal ball” is the word of the last generation and it’s our ideal Sake. The tradition is the succession of innovation, but we believe it’s important to tell what we need to protect and what we need to innovate. Sake is the Japanese traditional culture. Producing the high-quality and characteristic Sake itself is to protect and inherit the culture.


・Gold Medal of Japan National Sake Appraisal 18 times


Mainly, we use the local Shiga rice, and partially the highest grade rice from Hyogo Pref.
Shiga Pref is focusing on producing original rice like Ginfubuki, Shiga Watase 6, Tamasakae. We tie up with the local farmers producing those original brewer's rice.


We have a well in the brewery. The water is the underground water of Aichi river, and the characteristic is soft water.


We welcomed the brewmaster of Noto in mid the 19's. At the same time as inheriting the traditional brewing, we take the state-of-the-art tech to make the innovation happen.


Our ideal Sake is ``Gentle and soft taste`` ``Make drinkers relaxed``.
We aim to produce the well-balanced and clean Sake to bring the Umami and the gentle sweetness of rice out and control the acidity.
Most of our Sake is the table Sake.