Establish 1877


Carrying on Sake-making to the next century.

Established in the 10th year of the Meiji era, the Michizakura Brewery, which has walked through 143 years of history in Nakatsugawa, Gifu, embarked on a new journey on November 7, 2020, as the 'Higashikawa Public Brewery - Michizakura.'

As the first brewery in Higashikawa, Hokkaido, we aim not only to produce Sake beloved by the local community but also to fervently pursue Sake-making that Higashikawa can proudly present to the entirety of Japan and the world. 'To be a brewery that lasts for 100 years' – this is what we have been taught by our predecessors.

Even here in our newly decided home, Higashikawa, Hokkaido, we hope to be a brewery that endures for 100 years, and even 1000 years. With these sentiments, we pour every bit of the brewing techniques and soul we've cultivated in Nakatsugawa into our efforts, continuing to produce 'sake that's quintessentially Michizakura.


What I always feel through Sake-making is a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation. After moving, this sentiment has only grown stronger. However, in the art of Sake-making, if one's passion is too strong or too lacking, things don't go smoothly.


・2023 Japan Sake Appraisal Gold Medal

・2021 Hokkaido Sake Award


Blessed with a favorable climate and rich soil, Higashikawa is also one of Hokkaido's premier rice-producing areas, and they are dedicated to cultivating the branded rice 'Higashikawa Rice'.


During the Nakatsugawa era, the 'Michizakura' used spring water that welled up from our own mountain for brewing. To protect this water, we consciously chose not to cut down trees and refrained from afforestation, making concerted efforts to maintain the water source as a natural forest.

Higashikawa in Hokkaido is a rare town in Japan without a 'public water supply system'. When you turn on the tap, the abundant water that flows is the natural meltwater delivered from Mount Daisetsu.

While the water from Higashikawa is harder compared to Nakatsugawa's, its quality as pristine natural water remains unparalleled. We will utilize this bountiful gift of nature to the fullest, to brew the new Sanzen-sakura.


Sake is born from a delicate collaboration between humans and nature. If one side dominates, we cannot produce good Sake. That's why what we must do is to build the foundation piece by piece, exhaust every technique we know, and face the Sake with utmost sincerity.


Facing the water

Engaging with the rice

Speaking to the Koji rice

Listening to the voice of the Koji rice

Without being overly eager or cutting corners, trusting nature and waiting for the sake to mature. That is the Sake-making of Michizakura Brewery.