Mineno Hakubai is the second oldest Sake brewery in Niigata prefecture and is collectively known as "Echigo Sanbai" along with two other breweries. It has a history of nearly 400 years and is located at the foot of Mount Kakuda in Echigo plain. The brewery has been producing Sake continuously for 400 years.



In order to reverse the recent decline in popularity, Niigata's Sake, which was once known for its light and dry taste, has shifted its focus to a rich and flavorful taste, challenging different approaches to Sake brewing. In the vast fields and between mountains and the sea, they are searching for the collision between traditional methods and new technology amidst nature.


• National New Sake Competition: Three consecutive gold medals for brewing years Heisei 25/26/27.
• Kanto-Shinetsu National Tax Agency Liquor Appraisal Competition: Two consecutive years of Excellent Awards in both the Ginjo and Junmai categories for brewing years Heisei 26/27.
• SAKE COMPETITION 2019: Gold Medal.

minenohakubai sky


Mineno Hakubai uses locally-produced high-quality Gohyakumangoku rice as its main brewing ingredient, while Ryoko, known for its rich and flavorful taste, uses carefully selected rice from all over Japan, each with its own unique characteristics, to create different flavors of Sake.

minenohakubai moromi


The rain and dew that falls on the mountain range in front of the Japan Sea have been purified over the years through the black schist formations, giving rise to the underground water source of the Mt. Yahiko-Tsuno range, which flows around the brewery. In the summertime, numerous fireflies gather and dance around the stream that flows behind the brewery, serving as proof of the water's clarity.

skill minenohakubai


Fukui in Nishikawa-ku, Niigata City is the birthplace of the Nogami family, one of the three major Sake brewing families in Niigata. It is also the location chosen by Minehakobai Shuzo to establish their brewery, benefiting from the abundance of skilled workers in the area. Through the refined techniques of the brewers, both dry and rich Sake are presented in the highest quality.

minenohankunbai steam


Minehakubai, which gained popularity along with the trend of dry Sake, faces the constantly changing market tastes with relentless innovation, in order to provide new market value and survival. Keeping in mind the region's natural environment and talented individuals, they stay at the forefront of local trends and expand the meaning of Sake.