Establishment 1805

Naminooto Shuzo is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Biwa, nurtured by nature. Upholding tradition while continually taking on new challenges is our creed, and we continue to brew even today.


Because we are a small brewery, we are devoted to brewing in small batches, with the family coming together to carefully craft our sake with all our heart. The theme of Naminooto is 'Drinking Relaxation,' with the hope that our Sake will accompany your moments of relaxation and respite.


  • 2023 Kura master Gold Medal
  • 2019 Japan Sake Appraisal Gold Medal


We actively use Shiga Prefecture rice to brew our unique Sake.


When we rebuilt the brewery in 1996, we switched from well water to tap water. We filter the tap water four times to make it suitable for Sake brewing.


Naminooto's commitment is to an 'elegant sweetness'. Instead of expressing sweetness through a sticky texture, Naminooto's style is to bring out sweetness in a crisp and clean manner. The most important aspect is the making of koji, and we are fully focused and finely tuned in this process.


The three brothers brew sake that beautifully expresses the terroir of Shiga with their exquisite collaboration. Their mission is to create a brand where the terroir emerges not just through taste but as a complete experience.