Establish 1865

Established in 1865, this brewery has more than 150 years of history.

We only use the self-grown rice and the local rice produced by the contracted farmers. Based on the inherited skill, we think the brewing out of the box and continue the trial and errors for seeking the further possibilities of Sake.


The philosophy is “Brewing to cherish the nature of village” All the rice we use is organically grown local rice, and the brewery owner himself does farming of rice.

We have 150-years-long inherited skill and knowledge. Based on it, we quantify the brewing which used to be in the black box and try to make the reproducible Sake brewing.


・Japan National Sake Appraisal 2014

・Sake Competition2018 Junmai Grade SILVER


Mainly use the self-grown Yumenoka and Gohyakumangoku. Also, some contracted well-skilled local farmers help use to produce the organic rice.


The first generation sought high-quality water for brewing Sake and reached this place. In the brewery, there is a well the beautiful underground water flows.
We use this plenty of water for brewing Sake.


We quantify the brewing and measure a lot of numeric data related to the process of fermentation. Our brewing is based on the scientifically proven data.
For examples, we know some enzymes take a significant role in the process of fermentation.
We control the growth of the enzyme by numeric data.


We cooperate with the local farmers to grow the rice for contributing the local and its nature.
By revealing the real talent of local rice, we produce the Sake only we can produce.