Establish 1624-1644

They were founded in the Edo period in Tatebayashi, Joshu, where water sources are abundant. Sake brewing is carried out by a group of craftsmen centered on two brewmasters.


They are practicing careful brewing with an emphasis on traditional manual work. In particular, it has a good reputation for the precise processing of raw materials, such as water absorption and rice washing by hands.

They are willing to invest in equipment such as a private rice mill, which is rare in small-scale breweries, a pasteurizer that keeps the quality of Sake fresh by instant heating, and a refrigerated warehouse for low-temperature control.


・Japan National Sake Appraisal in 2016, 2017

・IWC Sake Gold Medal in 2016-2018, 2020-2021


We strive to brew Sake that brings out the individuality of brewer's rice, such as YamadaNishiki, Omachi, Gohyakumangoku, and Aiyama. We aim for mellow taste-type Sake that allows you to taste to enjoy the original taste of rice.


The soft, ultra-soft water pumped from the ``Ryujin no Ido`` dug in the brewery is used as the water for preparation.


The most particular thing is the traditional technique unique to Sake and the sensibility of people to use that technique.
Based on the traditional techniques built by our predecessors, we will take on new challenges, hone our skills, and devote ourselves every day.
We believe that it is important not how much ``handmade`` is done, but where and why we made it, and while we are making traditional Sake, we are always aiming for better Sake brewing and incorporating new methods and ingenuity.


Our Sake emphasizes the Umami taste and is characterized by a sharp aftertaste.
We want to continue to brew and introduce Sake that makes everyone's face ``unintentionally flutter``.