Establishmet 1921

Current brew master learned brewing in Takagishuzo which produces “Juyondai(十四代)”. As a proof of his potential skill, Mr.Takagi who is the owner of Takagishuzo gave his signature brewery rice “Sakemirai”.

Very a few breweries can brew sake with this rice. He brought the growth of this brewery and the quantity of sake became several times in 15 years. However, Sumikawashuzo was flooded in 2013 and brewery and equipments were mostly damaged.

The production capacity has not been recovered yet, but the quality of sake is much higher than before and put all effort to satisfy the customers who support us in severe time.


We have been pursuing the sake of transparency. The transparency we mean is naturalness, simpleness, and pureness. Our final goal is to produce sake taste like water goes through a rice plant.



・SAKE COMPETITION 2015 GOLD MEDAL of Junmaidaiginjo


We use several types of sake from various area. To bring the each different potential of brewery rice out. We optimize brewing process by each rice. It's bit costly but we 100% use Yamadanishi for koji rice to enhance the quality.


Use only water trickling out of rocks in the mountain behind the brewery. It's very simple pure water but good enough to make the stable fermentation.


We consider sake as food, so that the most important thing is safety. Brewery is kept clean and equipments are washed firmly. Besides, we pay attention to the distribution and logistics. We would like customers to enjoy fresh sake safely.


We are showing appreciation to nature in our hometown by brewing delicious sake. By using the traditional brewing method, we keep exploring the further possibility of Sake. Through continuing try and error, we understand the essential thing is simplicity.