Establishment 1788


The brewery is located in the central of Utsunomiya city where is the capital of Tochigi prefecture. It is a small brewery and the resource is limited, however, they have been winning many competitions every year.


The young brewers, led by Shimotsuke Toji, are trying their best to extract the umami of rice with keeping its clearness and sharpness. They believe sake have to be suitable to pair with the seasonal cuisines, and making the precious time with friends happier.


・Trophy of Inetrnational Wine Challenge, Junmai Daiginjo Class of Tochigi

・Gold Medal of SAKE COMPETITION 2017

・Win Omachi Summit, Junmai Class


Mainly use the local rice of Tochigi, Omachi from Okayama prefecture and Hiroshima, and Yamadanishiki from Hyogo prefecture, but we're challenging to brew sake with some new brewery rice every single year.


There used to be 7 famous water sources called “Shichimizu” here in Edo Period, and we started brewing with the water from “Nijinoi”, which is one of them. We've been brewing sake with the same beautiful underground water which flows from the mountains of Nikko even now.


Use our inherited traditional methods and brand-new technology separately in the suitable place to control the fermentation of microorganism, which is easily affected by various factors. This is a critical point to maintain the food safety.


Right because we are a small brewery, we thoroughly manage the entire process in detail. That is why we can easily adjust the brewing style to the characteristic of rice. It's natural the quality of rice isn't stable year by year. What the most important is to bring inhere characteristic and good point of each brewery rice out. To make this happen, we are always trying to test the latest technology, rice, machine, and idea.