Establish 1868

The brewery is located in the middle of a 770m high mountain. The harsh winter climate enhances the quality of the Sake. Okaya city was once famous for its sericulture industry, but has since transitioned to precision machinery.

Pure and high-quality water is essential for both industries. The people living in this area are known for their craftsmanship. By utilizing high-quality water and local rice, we strive to produce Sake that embodies the craftsmanship of this region.


We want customers to experience the essence of our town's air, soil, and people. To achieve this, we are committed to using only locally sourced rice, most of which is specially cultivated by skilled farmers. We believe that this focus on localism is what sets us apart from others.


・Japan National Sake Appraisal 2018
・IWC 2017 Daiginjo Grade Bronze Medal


Nagano Pref is vast and there five major local brewer's rice. The best condition of each rice is different by area, so we contract with farmers by each rice brand.


Okaya has the famous lake Suwa. This area is blessed with the heaps of high-quality water. We use the local underground water, which is very soft.


Studying the combination of rice and yeast is quite essential. Also, the characteristic of rice changes every year so that we research the trend as quickly as possible and adjust the brewing method.

We believe this uncompromising improvement enhances the reproducibility of taste.


The teamwork is essential for brewing. As a team, each of us commits the quality of Sake. While even cleaning the brewery, we believe it's necessary to think about the quality and customers.