Established 1818


Founded in the Bunsei era (1818) in Kitano Town, under the Kurume Domain. Ever changing and ever flowing. Like the bubbles that disappear and are reborn, in the face of the changing world, the founder initiated sake brewing with the local people, with the thought, "Let's create a new industry that represents this land." That tradition, while at times almost fading, has been carried on through to the eighth generation, thanks to the support of the local people.



Drink water, remember the source." We receive blessings from nature and people, and without stopping, we refine ourselves every day, sharing gratitude, joy, and celebration.

"Good Times with Yamanokotobuki" We wish to be there beside those ephemeral moments.



・2019 Japan Sake Appraisal Gold Medal

・2020 Omachi Summit Award



In Munakata, a World Heritage Site in Fukuoka, we use Yamada Nishiki rice grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and aim to make natural sake using local and natural ingredients.



The Mino mountain range has towered over human activities since ancient times, watching over us. The water that springs from the paternal mountains becomes a large surge, providing both blessings and disasters, and becomes the maternal Chikugo River, also known as the Chitose River and the One-Night River. The Japanese have perceived gods as residing in nature, existing here and there, believed to grant us both happiness and trials.


In Japan, we have a concept of value called "Shingyoso." Sen no Rikyu left us with the words, "Learn the truth, reach the form and the informal (rules or formality), no matter how freely you break it down, its essence remains the same." This has reached the present as something deeply understanding the philosophy of various arts. There is also "truth" in sake brewing. We learn this truth, devote ourselves, and challenge the uniqueness of Yamanokotobuki.


Yamanokotobuki Shuzo was not an exception, and suffered significant damage when our brewing warehouse was completely destroyed by Typhoon 19 in 1991. However, we never left this land. We continue to love it and live together with the people here. Yamanokotobuki Shuzo has been making sake with the same spirit for over 200 years since its establishment. And we will continue to make Sake with the people who share this sentiment and this land in the future.