Establish 1887

Mannosuke Tokaibayashi, the 7th generation owner, was devoted to sake brewing every day; he forgot sleeping and eating and focused on making delicious Sake. Suddenly, a god named Asahi Inari appeared in the dream when he took a nap, and he was taught the secret technique
of Sake brewing, and the Sake made based on it was so delicious that all the brewers celebrated it.

Then, in order to thank Asahi Inari, I asked everywhere, finally found where the god enshrined, and when I offered a prayer of gratitude, I fell asleep again. Asahi Inari appeared again and said, “You should name your Sake “Yumegokoro”. Then, the name of the brewery became “Yumegokoro”.


All the Sake we make has a moderate aroma and a rich taste. However, It will never make you tired of drinking because it contains sharp acid. And above all, I want to make Sake that customers can truly say is delicious. We participate in Sake tasting events more than 50 times a year and listen to the voices of our customers.


・Japan National Sake Appraisal 2015


We only use the best brewer's rice available locally. We have been cooperating with experienced farmers for 25 years.


We use the local Tsugamine mountain stream water, selected as one of the 100 best water in Heisei Era. It is soft water.


Simple work is mechanized as much as possible, and we are pursuing reproducibility of Sake quality regarding past data.


The Sake brewing that the brewery aims for has a mild aroma, a rich taste, and a sharp acidity. We do not change this concept, and we always keep an eye on the trends of users and markets, and it is essential to raise our quality to the highest level. It is important not to fall into complacency.