High-Temp Saccharification Yamahai

Sake brewing from the more scientific angle

Sake achieves the attractiveness of both Yamahai and usual Sake.

Firstly, for reducing the risk of Yamahai brewing

Yamahai method is one of the traditional way not adding the artificial lactic acid during the process to grow the yeast in Shubo tank. Instead of adding the artificial lactic acid, leaving the tank for a twice longer time than the usual way and wait the natural lactic acids get into the tank.

However, it’s risky to leave the tank for a longer time for maintaining the quality of Shubo. This method has been invented to reduce the risk of Yamahai method but achieve the unique and attractive points of Yamahai Sake. The most significant points of Yamahai are as follows;

The Process of High-Temp Saccharification Yamahai

The high-temperature quickly enables the saccharification and shorten the long Yamahai process.

Great Effectiveness of Using the Lactic Acid Bacteria

By adding the lactic acid bacteria, Sake achieves the attractiveness of both Yamahai Sake and usual Sake. The most significant points of High-temp saccharification Yamahai Sake are as follows;

Sometimes, Yamahai Sake tends to too complex and unique for beginners. Of course, sake lovers love their specialty; however, it’s also true.

Lactic acid bacteria are also living things. They work as the wild lactic acid bacteria and produce pure and natural lactic acids. Also, the amount of other wild bacteria getting into the tank is minimized by reducing the duration of fermentation. Therefore, the Sake tends to be clean and smooth but still unique.

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