Hot Sake Ease The Tension

Sake is Junmai, Hot Sake is much better

Sake is Junmai, Hot Sake is much better

It's a saying by Hiroshi Uehara 上原浩, who dedicated a long time contributing to the Sake industry.

One of the most excellent points of sake, other alcohols don’t have, is that we can serve it at different temperatures. Sake is a rare alcohol that can be enjoyed warm or hot. Most people can’t stomach warm beer. I believe beer should always be ice-cold.

Some of you may have had a bad experience with hot sake. It happens not only outside of Japan but also in Japan. It's even more disappointing when restaurants with little knowledge about sake end up picking the wrong sake and boil it. Those corrupted hot Sake tend to have a very strong aroma of alcohol and no complex taste; it's just super dry. It’s unfortunate that these bad hot sake ruin people’s first experience.

It's true that real hot sake tastes richer, smoother, and is even better for your health. You may think making hot sake is challenging, but I will show you how to select sake that's good for hot Sake and how to make delicious hot sake.