Signature of Takachiyo

A few breweries use this brand and Takachiyo is the only brewery manage it from seed. It's troublesome rice to grow but the return is quite high.

Why it's troublesome?

The water absorbing speed is too fast, so it's necessary to control each step in seconds. It means there are so many steps difficult to machinize. This is the reason why Ipponjime is called a quite troublesome rice.


Ipponjime is a quite troublesome rice but the quality is absolute! It’s a hybrid of Houhai and Gohyakumangoku. Houhai is the rice which has unique Umami and only Miura Shuzo locates in Aomori use in Japan. Gohyakumangoku represents the brewing of Niigata.

Ipponjime has the greatest points of each one and it’s appropriate rice to brew the next generation Niigata Sake.