Early 19c old brewer’s rice makes the clear and refreshing taste

Isenisiki was born in Mid prefecture in 1860. Because it makes very aromatic Sake, Isenisiki became the popular brewer’s rice immediately, however; it’s gone in 1950.

Large ear of rice, very tall, and weak

These three characteristics are the reason farmers stopped growing this rice in 1950. This rice makes very different Sake, but it’s challenging to grow. Then, it started to be called “fantom brewer’s rice”.

A visionary brewery started a project to reborn the rice 30 years ago. They took three years to reborn this rice and succeeded.

Crystal-clear, refreshing and unique aroma

This rice makes the taste of Sake very refreshing and light-bodied, and the most attractive characteristic is its flavor. The aroma is totally different from the other rice brands.

Usually, fruity and aromatic Sake tend to have a melon, banana, or apple kind of aroma, however; this rice creates an aroma like guava.