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19 Silberner Bär

19 Silberner Bär

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Produced by the local Miyamanishiki, and Hitogokochi, gentle and fresh aroma, slghtly fizzy texture and a lot of Umami.

Ozawa Shuzo is a small and artisan brewery in Nagano Pref. They produce limited editions each month by using the local high-grade ingredients.
It's produced by two local rice, Miyamanishiki, and Hitogokochi. The freshness is just like the Nama Sake by pasteurizing only once by the unique steaming pasteurization method.

The texture is fizzy, and the aroma is refreshingly fruity, so it's like grapefruits. The yeast no.7 makes the elegant Umami and sharp dryness.
Please appreciate with an appetizer.

YEAR 2021
AREA Nagano
BREWERY Ozawa Shuzo
SMV 4.3
ABV 16.5%
RICE Miyamanishiki, Hitogokochi
POLISH RATE 55%, 65%
GRADE Junmai Ginjo
SPECIALITY Namazume(Pasteurized once) , Genshu , Muroka
NOTE Grapefruits
BODY Light
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