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ARAMASA NO.6 S-TYPE 2020|Drawing for Purchase

ARAMASA NO.6 S-TYPE 2020|Drawing for Purchase

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Brand-new No.6 comes up in 2020!! S means "superior", Extremely transparent texture and beautiful sourness

In 2020, the spec and design of ARAMASA have been updated. The design becomes sharper and more elegant. The alcohol content decreased down to 14%.

Produced with the traditional Kimoto method, none yeast, lactic acid additive, it's very natural Sake, the taste is filled with the refreshing sourness + sweetness, and they are beautiful.
The texture is exceptionally transparent and smooth. The exquisite balance between sourness and sweetness is the signature of Aramasa. Light and soft bitterness makes its finish refreshing.





【Application period】

00:00 1 August  ~ 23:59 15 August 2020

【Note 】
●This is a drawing ticket, not $0 to purchase this sake
●Purchasing this item is equal to getting the drawing ticket
●When you check out this item, you don’t need to specify the delivery date
●If subscribers terminate the membership during this period, they will lose the right for drawing.
●Because the quantity is tiny, the number of bottles we can offer is quite limited.

●Only subscribers can apply for this drawing. If you are not a subscriber, let's subscribe now and apply!
●It's possible to purchase several times, but we will take only the first time purchase, the latter ones will be ignored.
●Higher plan subscribers will have more chance to win this drawing. Let's take a look at the system;

Weight system
Junmai plan:1、Junmaiginjo plan:2、Junmaidaiginjo plan:3
*If you are J+JD plan user, your application will be considered 4 tickets for drawling.

【Announcement 】
We will email to winners around 16 August 2020. Please complete the payment by following the guidance written in the email.
*If we can't get replies in 3 days, the right will be automatically abundant, and it will be re-drawn.

YEAR 2020
AREA Akita
BREWERY Aramasa Shuzo
ABV 14.0%
RICE Akitasakekomachi
SPECIALITY Self-cultivated yeast , Genshu , Wooden barrel , Nama(Unpasteurized) , Kimoto
NOTE Peach , Grapefruits
BODY Light
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