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ISOJIMAN DAIGINJO AIYAMA|Public Drawing for purchase

ISOJIMAN DAIGINJO AIYAMA|Public Drawing for purchase

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Christmas Special Vol.3|Public Drawing

Extracted the excellent characteristic of rare "Aiyama" rice out perfectly

The excellent characteristic of the highest grade Aiyama brewer's rice is extracted very well. The fruity top note is the banana itself, following with the rise of temperature, the nuance of vanilla shows up.

The attack is mild and smooth, clean but rich Umami spreads quickly.





【Application period】

00:00 15 Dec  ~ 23:59 20 Dec 2018

【Note 】
●This is a drawing ticket, not $0 to purchase this sake
●Purchasing this item is equal to getting the drawing ticket
●When you check out this item, you don’t need to specify the delivery date
●Because the quantity is tiny, the number of bottles we can offer is quite limited.

●All the people can apply for this drawing.
●It's possible to purchase several times, but we will take only the first time purchase, the latter ones will be ignored.

【Announcement 】
We will email to winners around 21 Dec 2018. Please complete the payment by following the guidance written in the email.
*If we can't get replies in 3 days, the right will be automatically abundant, and it will be re-drawn.

AREA Shizuoka
BREWERY Isojiman
SMV 4.0
ABV 16.0%
RICE Aiyama
GRADE Daiginjo
SPECIALITY Self-cultivated yeast
NOTE Banana
BODY Medium
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