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KUDOKIJOZU The Forbidden Method

KUDOKIJOZU The Forbidden Method

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The polish rate is 11%!! It’s one of the most reasonable Junmaidaiginjo brewed with premium rice polished more than 85%.

It takes 320 hours to polish rice down to 11%. To minimize the frictional heat and break, polish rice carefully and steadily by the diamond polishing machine. It's supremely transparent and clean.

There is totally no off-taste. The Sake produced with highly polished rice is not always better, but we would like you to try this premium Sake made by the forbidden method.





【Application period】

00:00 1 Feb  ~ 23:59 15 Feb 2021

【Note 】
●This is a drawing ticket, not $0 to purchase this sake
●Purchasing this item is equal to getting the drawing ticket
●When you check out this item, you don’t need to specify the delivery date
●If subscribers terminate the membership during this period, they will lose the right for drawing.
●Because the quantity is tiny, the number of bottles we can offer is quite limited.

●Only subscribers can apply for this drawing. If you are not a subscriber, let's subscribe now and apply!
●It's possible to purchase several times, but we will take only the first time purchase, the latter ones will be ignored.
●Higher plan subscribers will have more chance to win this drawing. Let's take a look at the system;

Weight system
Junmai plan:1、Junmaiginjo plan:2、Junmaidaiginjo plan:3
*If you are J+JD plan user, your application will be considered 4 tickets for drawling.

【Announcement 】
We will email to winners around 16 Feb 2021. Please complete the payment by following the guidance written in the email.
*If we can't get replies in 3 days, the right will be automatically abundant, and it will be re-drawn.

AREA Yamagata
BREWERY Kamenoi Shuzo
SMV -5.0
ABV 16.0%
RICE Miyamanishiki
GRADE Junmai Daiginjo
NOTE Apple , Muscat
BODY Light
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