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SENKIN HOPE Assemblage Miracle

SENKIN HOPE Assemblage Miracle

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A bright future is surely coming! Miraculously Produced Blended Sake with HOPE!

It is a blended Sake made with a positive belief in a bright future, even in the COVID-19. SENKIN also got considerable damage from this COVID-19, and it forces them to make significant changes to their brewing plans. As a result, coincidently, they needed to squeeze the Sake produced with Kamenoo, Yamada-Nishiki, and Omachi on the same day.

It was an inevitable change, but they saw it as a miracle and decided to make Sake that could only be made in this situation. SENKIN offers this Sake for all the people involved in the Sake industry and everyone who works hard in a difficult situation. We hope this Sake will be the temporary heal for them. Let's get through this rough spot with HOPE!

The aroma is fruity, like muscat and a pear. It's light and refreshing, but the taste is gently complex. The juicy Umami sparks in your mouth. The vivid sourness creates the shape of taste and makes the mouthfeel fresh.

YEAR 2020
AREA Tochigi
ABV 15.0%
RICE Kamenoo, Yamadanishiki, Omachi
POLISH RATE 50%, 60%
GRADE Junmai Ginjo
SPECIALITY Blend , Genshu , Nama(Unpasteurized)
NOTE Pear , Muscat
BODY Medium
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Senkin was established in 1806 in Sakurashi of Tochigi prefecture. Senkin(仙禽) means a crane serving to the god. They have been inheriting this brand name for more than 200 years. The current brewery owner is just 35 years old and used to work as a wine sommelier. Right after he...

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